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So you’ve got a fight on your hands.

There’s always two sides to a story. We will listen to yours.

Let’s face it, at some point you will be engaged in a dispute. It’s important to have a litigation lawyer who understands the situation and importantly, has a plan how to fix it. It’s critical that the plan be commercially sensible and takes into account your overall objective. If the situation calls for it, alternative dispute resolution should also not be ignored.

Disputes can manifest themselves in many different ways. It might be that someone owes you money. Or perhaps someone says you owe them money. There’s various ways in which recovery of a debt can be pursued. Equally, if a judgment’s obtained for the debt, enforcement methods vary. It’s not always a one size fits all approach.

Perhaps your reputation has been damaged by what someone has said (or is saying) about you. Maybe you’ve signed a contract and it hasn’t gone the way it was supposed to. It’s important to get all of the facts of the matter. A hole in the evidence can have disastrous consequences. A lawyer is only as good as the instructions they get from their client.

If you’re in a position where there is a dispute and you’ve had enough or taken it as far as you think you can, then contact us.

We will tell you if it’s a fight you can win or not.



All types of contractual disputes

Leases, building contracts, partnership agreements, guarantees, sale contracts, loan agreements. A contract is a legally binding agreement enforceable in a court of law, but not every agreement between two parties is a legally binding contract. We will tell you if it is or not.

Debt recovery

You’ve been promised payment but are still empty handed. The account is now well outside your normal trading terms. We will evaluate your recovery options and act quickly and decisively.


Someone making defamatory remarks about you, even if to only one other person, is actionable. Before commencing proceedings, a ‘concerns notice’ should be issued to the person who is damaging your reputation. We can assist in preparing or defending such a notice and acting in any associated court action.

Neighbourhood disputes

Be it dividing fences or overhanging trees or encroaching tree roots, we will help you navigate what’s required.

Environmental offences

If you’ve been contacted by a government department and they’re saying you’ve caused serious environmental harm or an environmental nuisance because of waste or noise (or otherwise), contact us.

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