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Good outcomes despite bad decisions.

Here’s a dollar’s worth of free advice - pick up the phone and talk to a criminal lawyer.

If the Police have charged you with an offence or paid you a visit, then call us. Protecting your rights is paramount. It’s important not to delay or the bad situation you’ve found yourself in can become worse.

Depending on the nature of the offence, an important preliminary consideration is whether you give the Police a written statement or participate in a record of interview. Seek advice beforehand.

Be it drug possession, supplying drugs or at the extreme, drug trafficking, thinking you can handle it on your own at court may not be the most sensible approach.

Perhaps you’ve lost your licence either because of drink-driving, drug-driving, excessive speeding or an accumulation of demerit points. Consequently, you stand to lose your job. That may not necessarily be so.

White-collar crime refers to non-violent crimes committed by people, usually for financial gain. Our lawyers have acted in fraud-related matters with success.



Criminal charges

Been accused of stealing, drug possession, supply or trafficking or assault? Do you think you have a claim of self-defence or provocation? Above all, have you got a notice to appear in court or do the Police want to talk to you?

White collar crime

It’s alleged you’ve misappropriated funds, stolen from your employer, committed fraud or falsified documents. Call us now.

Traffic offences

Drink-driving, drug-driving, speeding or an accumulation of demerit points. We can advise you on all such matters.

Work licences and special hardship orders

It’s going to be hard to keep your job now that you’ve been charged with doing the wrong thing whilst driving. Get some advice.

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